Buy Ausländer by Paul Dowswell (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. 28 Feb Summary: A well-researched and pacy WWII thriller about a Polish orphan taken in by a Nazi family because of his Aryan appearance. The Auslander [Paul Dowswell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When Peter’s parents are killed, he is sent to an orphanage in Warsaw.

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I love historical fictions so I had high expectations for The Dowwell. YA historical novel set in Nazi Germany. The most dangerous risk he could possibly choose to take in Berlin in I loved the idea of a character Peter who was a privileged Aryan even though he was Polish instead of fully German, being idolized by the Nazi’s because of his ‘perfect’ complexion.

But ultimately, it took a little too long to actually get to the rebelling part for me, and then when it DID get to the rebelling part? I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the book, ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’, or in fact anyone who enjoys reading in general.

Ausländer by Paul Dowswell

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. With his blond hair and blue eyes, he looks just like the boy on the Hitler Dowswelll poster. Resh June 6, at dwswell Big complimentwas that at first Peter was spelt Polish: So when we first meet our protagonist, it’s hard to really accept him because he seems to be well on his way to becoming an ideal Nazi youth.

Jan 09, John Makowiecki rated it really liked it. The other two things are facts of life.

To call the characters cardboard is harsh and untrue, but to say that I became attached to them is also a falsehood. That said, it’s a pretty unique viewpoint – a teenager in Nazi Germany who’s living with the perfect high ranking Nazi family but who’s secretly rebelling against everything he’s learnt in the Hitler Youth.

He does not know the meaning of the truck but dowswfll it cannot be good. But escape from Nazi Germany isn’t easy for anyone, especially when the Gestapo is after you.

The depiction of stress and tension growing was good. The queue of boys is split into two and Piotr prays not to be sent to the right, to the covered army truck visible through the open doorway.

Peter grew up on a farm just south of Warsaw, but just after his parents were killed, Peter was sent to an orpanage in Warsaw. Open Preview See a Problem? As the years pass, he surpasses many of the boys around him in academics, sports, military excercises, etc. In fact it’s so detailed that the reader automatically knows he is not making anything up. His interactions with other characters seemed a bit forced.

I really loved this book! But Piotr’s luck changed in August when he was picked out to be adopted by a prominent German family from Berlin, mostly because of his perfect Aryan looks. Since he had a German complexion, Peter was adopted by a Herr and Frau Klatenbach, who had three daughters. I think this will hold as true for its target audience. But the information the Author explores is so fascinating that I didn’t mind all that much, and I did love how he threw in lots of German words – I love German!

It was completely unnecessary in a book that could have otherwise been given to a younger reluctant reader. So I give this one a thumbs up in general. In Auslander, Paul Doswell reveals the story of a young 13 year old boy with blue eyes and blond hair who had just recently lost his parents to a Nazi tank during the German Invasion of Poland.

What is it like living in a country whose government tells you one story, but you live and see another in the streets?

And that loves an action packed, surprised full book that has something different on every page. He showboats his ability to speak perfect German in front of his Polish mates who brand him a traitor. He auxlander tells those who take him to Germany that this is what he wants when they accuse him of trying to run off.

As Peter grows up in WWII-era Berlin, he encounters lots of side characters that tell him of the further horrors of the Nazi party – and doswwell some people feel about it.

But he also offers in-text translations, so we Readers aren’t left in the dark about what that extremely long word means. Retrieved from ” http: But Peter is Volksdeutscher-of German blood.

Reading this book I felt as if I was there with Peter main character Though he is in fact Polish he looks like the perfect German Volkdeutscher – of German blood I also loved this book because it’s a very believable if not likely story and is something I plan on reading again and again.

He sometimes lacks emotions when talking about his parents and his past. Professor Kaltenbach is very pleased to welcome such a fine Aryan specimen to his household.

There are many interesting and accurate touches – Peter’s maths textbooks contain the exact propagandised language real Nazi textbooks did – how many aeroplanes carrying how many bombs do you think it would take to kill how many filthy Jews?. But he is never able to accept how the Pauk and Poles are treated, though he tries pau, to push it to the back of his mind, and as the war drags on and on, and Peter learns the full extent of what the Nazis stand for, he begins to realize that he doesn’t agree.

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