Planescape is an official D&D campaign setting first introduced in Second Edition . The setting centers around exploring an original multiverse. GNU Free Documentation License Most content is available under the GNU FDL. Pages under the OGL are marked as such. Privacy policy · About D&D. Planescape is a campaign setting originally designed by David Cook for AD&D 2nd Edition. As its name . Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) · Dungeon.

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Because Planescape is everything. Submit a new link. Friday, 24th June, It’s a contraction of “Berkshire Hunt”, which rhymes with the british slang word “berk” originally stood for. Great plandscape for story.

I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I’m unsure if it’s too much. I’m fine with that I’m just wondering if diving into the lingo is the best way to get an outsider acquainted with the setting.


The Modrons reign here, from the Tower of Primus at the center of the great gear Regalus. Priests cannot have the Healing or Creation spheres.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: If a being follows no power, their soul is instead drawn to the plane that most matches their alignment. I don’t play in the setting much, due planeecape a dearth of DMs for it.

Fraternity of Order sign.


And if you gaze long into an abyss, sometimes the abyss blushes and looks away. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Others Clueless – Incanterium. Great Gymnasium Post Faction War: At the ninth ring, where the gate-towns are, magical spells function more or less normally.

Is there any book or pdf for the Planescape setting in or Pathfinder system? : rpg

These things should be rare and their use should be limited because they are very powerful. For the video game adaptation, see Planescape: This makes them super-hard to navigate in, although fortunately gravity’s subjective, so you can just will yourself along as you see fit. The first layer is the most open, and each below it becomes more cloistered.

They planescapf totally nerfed on the Planes unless you are in your deity’s domain loss of one caster level, plus accompanying spells, per plane between you and your deity. That’s one of those “love it or hate it” aspects of Planescape.

Only the negative quasielemental planes have known princes, who are all evil. Astral Plane, for example, has no inherent gravity and spells are cast as if quickened. The Society of Sensation Nickname: Are there bonuses to offset this that we have not yet discovered, or should we be houseruling?

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I’m very fond of the Lady of Pain; she really locks up the Planescape look. The Revolutionary League Nickname: Although this makes it quite safe from any would-be invader, it also makes it a prison of sorts for those not possessing a portal key.

There is no light here, no heat, and any substance left here will disintegrate — not erode like a Doomspeaker’s ideal entropy, but waste away into nothingness.

The only d&s is to tear everything down and rebuild with what’s left. Magic Items The effects of planes on magic and armour are not too difficult to keep track of.

Each volcano is its own layer, and there are no flat surfaces, so if you fall, you’ll probably keep falling for a while.

The archons oversee Mount Celestia, from the lantern archons that guide new pilgrims to the throne archons that watch over all else. The best-known features of the Outlands are the Spire and the sixteen gate-towns that lie in a ring around the “edge” of the plane imagine a disc with a pen stuck in the middle- Sigil floats above the Spire, and the gate-towns form a ring around the edge. It also states that three lights of balance exist at the center of this plane, one for each Mediator in Nirvana.

Planescape – 1d4chan

Second, even if a magic weapon loses bonuses due to not being on its plane of origin, those bonuses still count for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Use clerics that are not deity specific, such as alignment based casters – of course that presents challenges in and of itself on planes opposing their alignment.

First, clerics who follow a cause rather than a specific deity can simply ignore the whole issue. The point of life is to ascend to godhood and then to some mysterious beyond. In Planescapethis is meant philosophically just as much as it is meant in terms of multiversal geography. Portals like those in Sigil exist all over the multiverse, linking distant planes to each other, but the concentration is highest in the Cage.

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