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13 Oct note: No partitioning in B.I , except DB2 (as it supports) .. What are the maximum number of partitions you can create on an InfoCube?. 9 Oct There are some differences in SAP BI while creating objects. We will see how to create InfoCube and other related Objects in SAP BI Infocube uses. 4 Apr How to create an InfoCube. 1. SAP BI 7.X FOR SMARTIES SERIES TBW10 Solution Exercise 5 Creating an InfoCube; 2. Creating an InfoCube.

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What are the errors occur during Reconstruction? Are the tables created after activation or Saving the InfoCube structure?


However, the reconstruction also processes this document because its data is already in the document tables. You must be incocube in to post a comment. Do you go for partitioning or Compression? How many tables are formed when you activate the InfoCube structure?

Infocubes consist of precisely one fact bo surrounded by dimensional tables. Remote cubes reside on a remote system. InfoCube can be partitioned on a time slice like Time Characteristics as below. What are the types of Repartitioning? This avoids one lookup into dimension table.

SAP BI: Infocube Creation Step 2 using SAP BI

If we do partitioning on Cube Query reading performance will be increased for ex: Stores the data physically in the cube. Which cube do SAP implements?

Creating Nodes and Leaves Step 4: This method is used for better loading in less time. SAP delivered Infocubes begins with a number usually 0. Infocubes are the central multidimensional data model in BI.

Delta loads will bring any new or changed records after the last upload. Maintain high granularity of records. Rollup creates aggregates in an InfoCube whenever new data is loaded. Can you explain the alternative time dependent entire hierarchies in InfoCube design?

What is Line Item Dimension? Each dimension can hold characteristics for analysis.

Step by Step Guide to load data to BW using BI 7.0

What are the tools or utilities of an InfoCube? What are the mandatory steps to do effective error free reconstruction, while going Reconstruction? Documents created during the reconstruction run then exist in the reconstruction tables as well as in the update queues.

Give more attention on bring the character information through navigational attribute. Documentquantity Right click on InfoArea.

Step by Step Guide to load data to BW using BI

Why do u go for partitioning? To do a delta, you first have to initialize infocubw delta on the BW side and then set up the delta.

How many Cubes you had designed? Saves space by not creating Dimension Table 5. However, since no delta queue yet exists in RSA7, there is no target for this data and it is lost. Infocube is ifocube using Characteristics and Key Figures.